Welcome to On the Trail!

Welcome! As this is our first post, here is a basic run-down on the ideas that led to the creation of On the Trail.

Perhaps it all started on the evening of the 31 August 2013, as my good mate Richard and I waded a shallow section of a crystal clear river in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia.

As we portaged our canoes up a small section of rapids I looked up at the foothills of the Barrington Tops, visible as a backdrop to the river channel, and thought ‘this is something worth sharing’. That night around the campfire, offhand remarks started niggling away in the back of my head. Why couldn’t we share this kind of thing?

When you look at a map of anywhere, there is generally an awful lot of activity. The human footprint is pretty well marked on the landscape these days, and yet, there are still little pockets of interest wherever you are. These range from overlooked creeks to vast tracts of wild lands. These places, and the things that live there, are what we are interested in.

For us, fishing, hunting and observation are all integral parts of experience. We want to share the stories of these places, and help out where we can. We don’t know it all, but what we do know we will try to share. After all, the best part of any story is being out there and making it.

Happy hunting.


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