Sitting by a fire on a pitch-black river bank, we talked. Dreamed of secluded waters, overgrown tracks, and fish.

The idea was born that night; to fish harder, go further and stay longer; and to come back with a story. These were the thoughts that spurred us on to the creation of On the Trail.

When you look at a map of anywhere you can see the human footprint. It’s everywhere these days. But there are still little pockets of interest wherever you are. These range from overlooked creeks to vast tracts of wild lands. These places, and the things that live there, are what we’re interested in.

There’s a saying that’s jokingly come to represent most of what we do:

“If the fishing’s easy then you’re doing it wrong”.

Welcome to On the Trail

Welcome to On the Trail – the platform we use to share a few stories of our time spent outdoors; fishing, hunting and adventuring. There will be some good yarns, a few tips, some photos , and some things that’ll make you think.

There will also be tales of adventure, amazing places and a few big angry fish.


A photo of Joe Brennan (onthetrailoutdoors) camping in Victoria AustraliaJoe Brennan has spent his life hunting and fishing in any place tough to get to. With roots firmly embedded in the blacksoil and lignum of north-western New South Wales, he also holds deep ties to the wilds of Scotland and the Canadian bush.

He’s guided fishing and wilderness camping trips in Canada, written for fishing magazines and websites, and worked as a wildlife ecologist and environmental consultant.

He’s caught fish in five countries and lost arrows in four; and has been in love with wild boar since he could climb trees to get away from them. A pair of good boots, a faithful canoe and a well-travelled Akubra hat; he’ll go anywhere and find something worth seeing.


Richard Linnane holding a small dusky flathead caught while beach fishing

Richard Linnane (aka Big Dick) grew up shooting, hunting, fishing and exploring the New South Wales mid coast regions and beyond, learning to respect the environment and those whom inhabit it at a young age. He developed a keen interest in how the individual and society operates, as well as in educating others on what he learned along the way. This led Richard to complete his undergraduate in Anthropology and Sociology, and begin postgraduate studies in teaching. Richard endeavours to learn more about the social influences and factors of hunting and fishing in Australia, and how it has developed since colonisation.

If there is adventure to be had; be it paddling skinny water creeks, trudging through mosquito infested mangroves or meeting ‘interesting’ folks in the backcountry of national parks; Big Dick will be there with all the tech gadgets and gear to get it done.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Guys,
    Great blog, Pretty sure I know that spot you frequent when bassing, won’t mention out loud on here, I would be keen to tag along for a fish one time if your cool with that, the spot you frequent is a fair way up the Williams system yeah, I got a fish of around 33cm there a few weeks back. Get in touch via email and I pass on the bass spot I’m talking about. I am also a fairly competent fly caster/fisher so might be able to offer some advice there also. I tend to fish around a 6wt for the Willaims system though.


    1. Hi Luke,

      Thanks for reading! I believe that Richard has contacted you via email regarding fishing the Williams – it’s always good to catch up with someone else that fishes the system – it’s a special place! A 33cm fish is a good one for up there and they fight hard. The biggest we have seen out of there to date was a 39cm caught by Richard. Always on the lookout for more of those.


  2. Hey guys my name is Steve Pursley from hitchnfish.com and we absolutely love your site! We seek to tell the fishing story and experience of everyday outdoorsmen like yourselves! We would love to share some of your content and drive traffic back to you in the process. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if this is of any interest to you @ steve@hitchnfish.com. Keep up the great work and fish on!


  3. Your guy’s blog is great! I know what you mean about finding that perfect spot that not many people go to. I have a spot in the country where I like to go and just listen to the animals.


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