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Luring Mulloway on the Beach

The mulloway will always hold pride of place in the minds of southern fishers. The art of catching them has come a long way in the last few years – or at least more people are spilling their secrets. Once the realm of nocturnal bait fishers; mulloway madness has crept into the broader fishing psyche and more and more anglers are pinning them during the day, on lures. Soft plastics are leading the coastal assault. Continue reading Luring Mulloway on the Beach


Learnings on Longtail

I’ve fished enough to be happy with an experience as much as a catch, so it’s not often that I find it hard to pack up and call it a day. My most recent fishing ventures were a bit different though and reminded me what it was like when I was a mad-keen kid. That’s something that middling sportfish and ‘bread-and-butter’ species can never do; and that’s why I spend so much time searching for big fish. The whole belief is just one chance. Or one more! Continue reading Learnings on Longtail

Evoking the Predatory Response

A while ago I wrote some words on fishing lures, mentioning general ideas around experimenting with different types versus really getting to grips with a smaller selection (read it here). To far too simply sum it up I added that finding active fish is the biggest factor in increasing hook-ups. I stand by that.

But what’s going on with active fish? Even active fish (smashing up bait in front of you) can be virtually un-hookable. What happens when you come across inactive fish? How do you con one into chewing your lure – and chewing it long enough for you to get a hook in its mouth? That’s got a lot to do with the predatory response. Continue reading Evoking the Predatory Response


Bank Bashing for Bass

A few mornings ago I made the pre-daylight trip up the valley, travel mug in my lap. I didn’t have the canoe with me but that wasn’t going to cramp my style. The good thing about bass is that you can get to them on foot if you feel like it. The other day reminded me why bank bashing for Aussie bass is a good approach. Continue reading Bank Bashing for Bass


A Cod Country Experience

Well, we’re back for 2016! So let’s get straight into it.

There was a bit of river that had come to my attention. I’d seen it while flying out west when I arrived in Australia at the beginning of the year, and decided to explore it at the first opportunity I had. Fairly rugged and inaccessible country is a nice change for Central Western NSW and the river that snaked its way through looked fishy enough for me. With a new addition to the canoe fleet to properly christen, I packed the gear and made preparations for a six day journey. This would cover about 65 k’s from a drop off in the hills to a pickup on the edge of the plains where the river dumped out. Continue reading A Cod Country Experience


An Unseasonably Warm November

It’s easy to think that you have to travel great distances and forge paths into the middle of nowhere to find the wild. A lot of my efforts take me to those sorts of places and I find experiences that will last a lifetime; but you don’t always have to go to the ends of the earth. Sometimes wild places are hidden right under our noses, and the search for them is always rewarding. Continue reading An Unseasonably Warm November


Fly fishing: The Why? And What?

As you would have observed; both of the On the Trail lads have taken to the exquisite and laborious art of fly fishing. I am not sure who was inspired first to pick up the long wand; I dare say myself; and I am not sure who actually picked up the long wand first; I dare say Joe, yep, defiantly Joe (I also believe he caught the first fish on fly). The question resides though, why did we decide to take up fly fishing? In part it can be answered simply by wanting to become a better and more complete angler… to utilise and master all methods of fishing so that they may be adapted to whichever environment we may find ourselves and/or the species we are seeking. Continue reading Fly fishing: The Why? And What?